1901 Census. Charles, 67, listed as a Ship Owner.
N.B. Herdalia should be Cordelia.
1891 Census. Charles, 56, working as a fisherman along with his 2 sons.
1881 Census. Charles is away fishing - maybe? Elizabeth G., 44, is listed as Fisherman's Wife.
1871 Census (1). Charles, 36, listed as Fisherman.
1871 Census (2).
1861 Census. Charles, 27, Captain of a Fishing Vessel.
Parish registry of marriage on the 8th August 1852.
Marriage registered on 8th August 1852 after an Anglican Banns of Marriage. Charles Foster's residence listed as Sloop (a single-masted sailing vessel) named "Fear Not".
Charles Foster - 5b 445
Elizabeth Grace Row - 5b 445
1851 Census. Thomas, 50, listed as a Ship Owner born in Paignton. His wife Ann, 44, born in Brixham.
1841 Census. Thomas, 40, listed as Fisherman.